I live in Danvers with Master Yogi, Dave.  He  inspires me every day with his words of wisdom.   We've been having fun together for over 25 years. We especially love bicycling, but in the past we have also done tons of hiking, camping and rock climbing.  During one period of time, about 10 years in a row, we climbed to the summit of Mount Washington as a New Year's Day ritual.  Luckily we outgrew that ...
We love traveling for cycling or climbing adventures. Together we've summited Mt. Rainier, climbed in the Dolomites of Italy, cycled up Mt. Washington and many of the classic mountain climbs of France, Italy and Spain.
I grew up the youngest of five in a small house in Concord, Massachusetts.  After graduating from Keene State  College with a degree in Environmental Science and Geology I worked in the scientific community for almost 20 years as an aquatic toxicologist.  I have always loved fitness and the great outdoors.  So after tiring of being a scientist I headed into the fitness field as a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).  That was great fun until I was down-sized three years later and didn't know where to turn next.  
I had already started practicing yoga and was loving it, so while working at UPS part time I completed Baron Baptiste's yoga teacher training simultaneously with a Holistic Health Counseling certification program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. That was a busy time, full of sleep deprivation but it got me to where I am now. 

I discovered power yoga in 2001 but I had been looking for just the right kind of yoga for a while before that time.  At the same time, I began traveling into the Baptiste Power Yoga Studios in Cambridge and Boston regularly, as much as every day of the week.  Frequently twice a day once I started volunteering and teaching at the studios.

Currently my life is a comfortable blend of teaching yoga and recreation, although often interrupted by adult responsibilities.  For that, and good health among all my loved ones I am very grateful.
My favorite yoga pose is Half Moon.  Once I'm "clicked" into it, my spirit is set free; as if I'm weightless and flying.....  I hope to see you on your mat practicing your favorite yoga poses.

I now offer classes at a few North Shore yoga studios and Private Teaching sessions by request.